Will an Abortion affect Female Fertility?

By DR CHRISTOPHER NG · 16/08/2016

I’ve had two abortions before and I’m getting married in December this year. I would like to conceive by next year. Are there any risks involved?

Provided your abortions did not result in any post operative complications, your chances of conceiving successfully would really depend on your age, the patency of your tubes, whether you ovulate monthly and the quality of your husband’s sperm. The risk of spontaneous miscarriage is approximately 1 in 4 to 6 pregnancies so in order to reduce your risk of this happening, it is best to consume preconception multivitamins and folic acid if you intend to get pregnant soon. There are some women who after abortions are at risk of cervical incompetence, in which the cervix dilates prematurely as a result of the abortion procedure. This is a result of cervical scaring. Your obstetrician should be looking out for this during your pregnancy and may need to put in a stitch to keep the cervix closed if there are any signs of this happening.