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Pregnancy/ Obstetric Birth Plan and Delivery
Individualized birth plans and deliveries
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A birth plan is a written outline of what you would like to happen during labour and delivery. This plan may include the setting you want to give birth in, the people you want to have with you, and the pain medications you want, if any. It is a good idea to go over this plan with us. We will help you keep the plan realistic in case there is any conflict with hospital policies and may suggest ways to keep the plan flexible so changes can be made to it based on events that arise during labor and delivery.

Most women give birth to their babies through the vagina. Sometimes you may need some help during delivery and this is when forceps or vacuum cups can be used. In some cases, a caesarean birth may be needed.

Some women who have had a caesarean birth can have a vaginal birth in a later pregnancy. It is not the right choice for all women and there are some risks. We will gladly discuss if vaginal birth after a caesarean section (VBAC) is a safe option for you.

Tolerance to labour pain varies among individuals so it is best to be open-minded to all forms of pain-relief. As we are strong advocates of pain-free labour, we will be delighted to discuss with you the various options of pain-relief so that you may participate in the birth of your baby without feeling much discomfort.

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We will gladly assist you in making these arrangements.


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