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Dr Christopher Ng

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Led by Singapore Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Dr Christopher Ng, GynaeMD Women's & Rejuvenation Clinic is an obstetrics and gynae clinic located at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore. We are committed to providing comprehensive healthcare for women of all ages in a warm, caring and compassionate environment. The hallmark of our care for women is a focused and personalized approach to each patient’s needs.

Be it gynaecological screenings or surgery, infertility or prenatal check-ups, or aesthetics services, keeping patients well-informed about their options and remaining a key partner in their decision-making process is core to our mission.

Women’s health is our priority, and we treat every patient like family. Let us find the best obstetrics and gynaecology care plan for you.

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Gynaecologist Singapore - Dr Christopher Ng

Our Gynaecologist

Dr Christopher Ng
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
MBBS (Imperial College, UK), MMed (O&G) (S’pore)
FRANZCOG (Aust-NZ), FAMS (O&G) (S’pore)

Dr Christopher Ng is a dedicated obstetrician and gynaecologist in Singapore with over two decades of experience. Having been educated and trained in Singapore and the UK, Dr Ng brings with him a wealth of experience and medical knowledge that puts his patient’s wellbeing to the fore.

Dr Ng is an alumnus of the distinguished St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College London; and had also completed a rigorous stint at the Mayo Clinic in the USA. Dr Ng was also a recipient of the Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) Fellowship for Masters of Medicine (OBGYN) by the Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Dr Ng was subsequently conferred as a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists; as well as Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

Today, as a gynaecologist with over 20 years of dedicated service to the field of women’s health, Dr Ng remains steadfast in his commitment to provide compassionate, personalised and effective care to all patients who see him at his gynae clinic.

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Gynaecology Services

Gynaecology is a medical discipline devoted to the care of the female reproductive system. As a woman journeys from adolescence and young adulthood to motherhood, menopause and beyond, a gynaecologist role is to provide support and personalized care for her at every step of the way. As a trusted gynaecology clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of screening, diagnostic and treatment options to address every gynaecological need. Family planning using contraception on the other hand is to help women achieve their ideal birth spacing with their children in order to complete their family and to prevent unwanted accidental pregnancies.

Obstetrics Singapore

Obstetrics is a medical field that deals with conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care. With the help of our experienced obstetrician, we are able to care for the health and wellbeing of pregnant women and their unborn babies. Our obstetrics clinic provides a wide range of services, including antenatal screenings, non-invasive prenatal assessments, invasive diagnostic tests, medical tests, management of high-risk pregnancies and natural child birth for example.

Infertility Treatments Singapore

Infertility is the inability to achieve pregnancy after 12 months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. Thankfully, many cases of infertility can be overcome with the right diagnosis and treatment. Our medical team can provide individualised fertility assessments and treatment options to help couples conceive.

Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments can improve one’s appearance, which has a ripple effect onto one’s confidence and self-esteem. At our women’s health aesthetic clinic, we integrate a wide range of certified, non-surgical aesthetic procedures for our patients to achieve their desired outcomes with minimal downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some situations in which you should make an appointment to see a gynaecologist:

  1. If you notice signs and symptoms such as pelvic pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, painful menses, cramping, abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, menopausal symptoms that affect your quality of life, and so on.
  2. If you are having infertility issues: If you are having difficulty conceiving, it is best to see a gynaecologist as soon as possible because female fertility declines rather quickly once past the age of 35; and there could also be other contributing factors to be addressed.
  3. If it is a routine, annual check-up: It is generally recommended to schedule an annual check-up with your Singapore gynaecologist. This will ensure that any gynaecological issues can be detected and treated early. Your reproductive and sexual health can also be closely monitored.
  4. If you have never seen a gynaecologist before: If you as an adult woman have never seen a gynaecologist before for gynaecological screening, or if your daughter has started puberty, it is generally recommended to schedule a gynaecological visit to ensure that everything is normal.

It is quite normal to feel a bit anxious prior to your first visit to see a gynaecologist. However, you do not need to be, as Dr Christopher Ng (our dedicated gynaecologist) will make you feel at ease and is adept at providing supportive, professional and evidence-based treatments that address your needs.

During your first visit to a Singapore gynaecologist, you can expect a detailed review of your medical history, a discussion on your menstrual and sexual health (if you are sexually active), a physical examination (if deemed necessary), as well as vaccination and screening recommendations. The gynaecologist will also answer any questions you may have pertaining to your reproductive health.

While this can vary depending on individual circumstances, they can be broadly classified into:

  • Education about menstrual health, hygiene, and sexual health
  • HPV vaccination
Young Women:
  • Annual gynaecological check-ups
  • Pap smear and pelvic exam
  • HPV vaccination
  • Discussion on contraception methods
  • Education on sexually transmitted infections
  • Fertility evaluation
Middle-Aged Women:
  • Annual gynaecological check-ups
  • Pap smear and pelvic exam
  • HPV vaccination
  • Mammogram (as needed)
  • Bone density test (as needed)
  • Cancer screening
Older Women:
  • Annual gynaecological check-ups
  • Mammogram (as needed)
  • Bone density test (as needed)
  • Pelvic exam (as needed)
  • Cancer screening

As our doctor may be out of the clinic, or the clinic’s schedule may be full for the day, it is strongly recommended that you make an appointment beforehand to avoid unnecessary waiting. Please contact our gynaecology clinic in Singapore at 6733 8810 and we will tend to you as soon as possible.