Obstetric Services

Pregnant women require specialized care to ensure that their health and the health of their babies are well taken care of. Obstetrician Dr Christopher Ng is adept in managing high-risk pregnancies and provides a comprehensive suite of services to best care for maternal and foetal health issues.

In Singapore, good obstetric care involves offering a range of prenatal diagnostic tests to screen for abnormal baby development, risk of certain genetic disorders, as well as the presence of any condition that could adversely affect maternal health (e.g. gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia). This ensures that the appropriate treatment measures are made promptly to achieve a safe and favourable pregnancy outcome.

Apart from walking hand in hand with our patients throughout their pregnancy journey, Singapoe Obstetrician Dr Christopher Ng encourages discussing birth plans well before birth, so that he can match what’s safe and feasible with his patients’ individual desires as far as possible to achieve their perfect birthing experience.